Everything in this physical world is being, is alive, has its own perception, exists through creation. To think a fish, flower, tree or cloud, is any less conscious than us is to be living in a state of unconsciousness. For the flowers, trees, clouds, birds, worms and any other being is far more advanced consciousness than we humans are. You don’t see anything in nature or the animal kingdom tearing down forests and trashing the earth for profit…you don’t see them working their whole lives to buy possessions to support their ego. A flower has a higher awareness than humans, it takes nothing and exists in its pure awareness, effortlessly ‘being’ as it was created to do so. That’s why Nature is so mesmerising, it’s a reminder of our true nature. It is us humans who have forgot, who strive, who disturb the natural balance and harmony of the earth with our need, greed and misperceptions of what we exist in this physical world for. We are the last in line in developing our soul consciousness, dissolving ego and doing what we came here to do…we pick flowers to case in vases, we kill and use animals to eat when we have no need, we destroy the earth and the natural creations in it for money…it is us who need to wake up. Every step we each take to live more in harmony with the earth and nature, each one of us who chooses a path of compassion and empathy for the earth and nature assists the collective human consciousness in evolving to a higher state of awareness.