We are a movement that is shifting human consciousness and we are 100% non profit. We created products for lightworkers. Lightworkers are people who bring light into this world by the things they do, say and believe. Every time a Bonded By Love product is sold the profits go to random acts of kindness.

How It Works

Here's How It Works

You buy a bracelet for someone and introduce them to the movement. Their responsibility as the receiver is to continue the ripple and buy a bracelet for someone else. All of the profits from each sale go to random acts of kindness carried out daily by us.

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When you see others wearing a bonded By Love bracelet you know they are part of this movement, they are lightworkers.

Universe Bowls

We created something for business’s so that they could be vessels for the light. Universe bowls go anywhere there is a till, check out, reception or waiting area. The bowls are filled with hand written cards each with their own unique messages on them. People love picking out the cards and the messages always seem relevant, like the universe had a special message just for them…

The concept is the same here too, you buy a bowl for a business and they can continue the ripple by purchasing a bowl for someone else. Again all of the profits go to random acts of kindness!

start a ripple

Keeping you in the light

Pop in your email address and every time there’s lightwork to report you’ll be notified. We seek out and share the good news of the world so it will only ever be positive!

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