Books are how we spend time with great minds, different perspectives, unique beliefs and ideas to evolve and expand our consciousness. If we don’t currently have access to the people, groups, minds that we would like to spend time with in our lives then books are a great way of being in the energy of those we seek. As we read the words and take on new beliefs and evolve our perception with the unique consciousness a book contains, we change our perspective and therefore change our experience moving forward in this life. If we are not currently reading what are we currently learning? How are we currently growing?

Books are a portal to so much growth and awareness and keeping up a daily ritual of reading really can be life changing…depending on the material of choice of course. Setting aside just a half hour a day to honour your growth, mind and life in this way is really a beautiful thing to do. As your perspective changes the world changes so your also doing a great deed for the collective consciousness too.

If you don’t currently have a book your into is this a message to get the next book that comes into your experience and start it? Even if it’s just two pages a day, with a commitment to finishing it?