It’s real…the universal law of karma, no act, words or intention go unnoticed by the universe. The Devine knows all. If your someone who receives karma quite swiftly it’s because your more aware and awake, when you know better you should do better, the universe is holding you more accountable because of your level of consciousness. Our current lives are a combination of paying our karmic debts from previous lives and building our karma for this one and future lives. Every experience we have, we signed up for, to pay our debts and experience what we need to for our own souls development. If you tend to receive instant karma there may not be many times left for you to come down and pay debts in the future. The best cure for karma is to always have the best intentions, check in with yourself, remember there’s no cheating the system here, lying to yourself won’t work and of course the best remedy to cleanse our karma and build good karma for the future is to be the light, in every moment.