The kingdom is within…sometimes I like to visit a place called ‘planet no human’ it’s a place inside myself I created, a place I go to when the world seems to much, when the mental dialogue inside my head is to much, when just being around others feels too much. It’s a place I go to, a planet that is completely bare and no one is there but myself, except myself isn’t really there either, just my consciousness and the awareness that I am perceiving. I look towards the earth that’s spinning slow in the distance and I get to feel the great space between where Im at and the chaos that’s on Earth, the opinions, the judgement, the endless chatter, the consumption, the big race that’s going no where. I feel peace for being at this great distance and alone in the space that is silent and calm. I stay there until I feel somewhat restored, until a part of me says ‘it’s time to go back now’ and I open my eyes and here I am, back in the race, back in the spin, but feeling somewhat reset, relieved and revitalised. I guess we all have a version of planet no human and if you don’t then I recommend trying it.