The love we bring to each moment, each situation, each encounter, is our truest gift to life. When seeing suffering, hearing someone’s story or knowing of another’s pain in anyway, it is our compassion that ripples out and showers love on the situation, that is our light and that energy is felt by the universe. Love is the most powerful force in the universe, it is what we are. With so much going on right now it’s sometimes daily we are hearing of suffering, our compassion towards it as we hear is what offers light. Without judgement, without guilt that we ourselves might be ok, anyone’s suffering is indeed our own, that’s why we can cry tears for complete strangers, our hearts ache for others, lumps arise in the throat at just hearing of someone else’s pain. We are all connected…the kindness, compassion, laughs, cry’s, that we are all experiencing, sharing and gifting right now is being felt by the universe, we are getting there! Stay in the heart space.