The fact that we are here occupying a human body means we are still on the path of transcending the ego and paying our karmic debts. If we had already reached enlightenment we would be out of the cycle of life and in the Devine light of eternal love guiding those still in the physical realm. The path to enlightenment is the journey we are all on aware of it or not. When consciously aware we can actively participate in the process and that’s when we start to live as a conscious being. The self realised are those who are free from the house of mirrors, the house of mirrors is life, all around you are mirrors, each offering a reflection, a chance, an opportunity to transcend the ego. With each encounter, experience and situation we have the choice to stay in the ego or transcend. Sometimes we forget ourselves, stay stuck in the illusion and fall yet again for the egos temptation to stay in our small self, and sometimes we remain aware, we stay present, we stay in our higher self, we choose love and this is what it means to transcend the ego. When there are no more mirrors to hold up, we are self realised, there is nothing left to transcend, there is no need for the mirrors to reflect back, this is enlightenment. Keep going…keep evolving…keep transcending!