The word ‘Wettiko’ was used by Native American tribes to explain a disease they saw people suffering with…it was a disease of the spirit that caused one to destroy others and nature. As they witnessed the land they loved and honoured be taken over, used and abused by strange invaders they felt compassion as they saw that the people doing such things must be so blind, so far gone in their mind, so disconnected, to be able do such things to the earth and people. They saw the disease that we are still evolving through to this day…the ego. Anytime we are tempted to judge another, we are suffering in ego, anytime we choose money over morals, we are in ego, anytime we believe we are superior, inferior or play the victim, we are in ego. It has many disguises, many masks and is always there available if we choose. Choose love, unity, peace and we evolve and continue our pursuit to dissolve the ego, the shadow, the disease Wettiko.