Everything we engage in moment to moment adds to the creation of reality as we know it, before acting we should ask ourselves; what type of world do you want to see? Is what I’m about to do helping to create that? If we want to see a world without animals suffering and complaints of climate change then we must go plant based, if we want to see the end of whales being stolen from the oceans and held captive in zoos and aquariums, we must stop visiting those places!! If we want to stop seeing plastic filled beaches we must stop buying plastic! When we want to see the end of anything then we must disengage from the little things that help to contribute to its existence. We are currently in a time where we are shifting our perspectives and co creating a new world at a fast rate! It’s an exciting time to be alive, just a quick reminder to be aware in this moment of what world your helping to create, every choice counts and every person counts, we are the creators of our reality.