When we let go of the ego we achieve great things…the ego is aggressive, craves more, pushes for, manipulates, desires, strives, wants to win. The humbleness of the spirit and the beauty of being is that in trueness we create magic, things the ego could have never achieved or thought up. In the stillness of our spirit lies the power of the universe, the one energy that threads through and connects us all, the power of love, the most powerful force in existence, our true essence. In being real we create things of lasting value, things never seen before, things unimaginable. The spirit will take us further than the ego ever could. How do you know which you are operating from? How does your heart feel? Does it feel light and open, full of love and compassion for all and the world, or does it feel heavy and in need of walls to protect itself, does it crave to be guarded? When we operate from the ego we are in fact in a constant state of fear if we know if or not, it can be mistaken for confidence but the hearts truest power is its vulnerability, it’s openness, it’s willingness to put down the sword, stop the fight and step into the light.

There’s an old story about an ancient Japanese warrior who had killed over 3000 people, he was greatly feared by many but his heart was full of fear, he was haunted in his dreams by the ghosts of those he had killed. He longed to know the truth of his fate and the fate of the lives he had taken. He went deep into the forest to find a white Witch and ask her the questions he desperately wanted to know. He entered the witches cottage, removed his warrior mask and asked her, ‘I need to know if there is a heaven for those I have killed and I need to know if there is a hell that my soul will go’ she looked at him and said ‘why should I answer you’ rage coursed through his veins as he took out his sword and held it over the witches head, shaking with anger, sweat pouring down his face ‘answer me!’ He shouted! She looked at him, she lifted her hand to point at his face, ‘that is hell’ she said. His eyes softened with realisation, the sword slowly lowering before he dropped it to the ground… tears fell down his cheeks as he looked into her eyes. ‘And that is heaven’ the witch said.

Living in the ego is hell, that’s what hell is. The choice for love will always bring you back to the spirit, heaven your true home, the kingdom is within. Listen to your heart and let it be your guide, the ego will never lead you to your full potential, there is much more for you.