There are no accidents…Life is constantly trying to wake us up. The consciousness of which we all stem is forever trying to guide you and remind you of what you set out to do here in this lifetime. A friend once shared with me a perfect example of this playing out in his own life, though he didn’t realise it at the time. Sitting on the train on his commute, he just so happened to over hear two men conversing about a book called ‘the chimp paradox’ one man was telling the other man how this book really changed his life for the better. My friend listened and then went online and bought the book. It just so happened that this book is exactly what my friend needed in his life at that time! The universe spoke and he heard it loud and clear, not only that but he then acted straight away and bought the book! He went on to receive more guidance because his angels and guides knew he is seeing the signs and acting on them.

The universe, the Devine, God, which ever name you wish to use, is supporting us constantly, abundantly with guidance. The signs are there if we choose to listen, see or act. Nothing is happening by chance in your experience. If you keep seeing the same number, animal or insect, hear the same thing mentioned in a conversation, this is how guides try to get messages to you, signs are everywhere.

If you don’t notice a sign straight away it usually appears again and again until you take notice and act. You can google angel number meanings, or spiritual meaning of animals to find out what your guides are trying to say, but if you listen with your heart you’ll know!