The universe wouldn’t be the same without each and everyone and thing in existence right now. Just like each petal makes the flower, or each drop makes up the ocean, we are each needed in our being to make this collective manifestation what it is…there is a purpose for us all just in our being, we needn’t do anything, the unique expression of our soul here right now is enough to fulfil our destiny. However, when we awaken to our true nature and to what life is, we understand that we are light in formation, we then begin to understand the magnitude of each and everything that we do, say and believe as these are ways in which we let our light shine through. Just by being here we are the light as it is what we are but the amount of light we allow to shine through is up to us by the ways we use our magic, what we do, say and believe. Not all of us will be a Jesus or a Martin Luther King in this lifetime but it doesn’t make our light any less, we are perfect the way we are, created to be exactly who we are and this universe would not be the same without us.