Time…something we have each been gifted, an amount allotted for each of us, some much more than others…so many of us spending time like it’s nothing. Time spent angry, time spent fearful, time spent worrying, time spent unconscious. What some would do with more time…it isn’t until our final moments that many of us realise the miracle that is time, it can be easy to loose sight of this miracle moment to moment in our everyday lives. To experience time truly is to live in awe of the moment, to take in the magic of life in each moment. How do we do this? We ‘spend time’ appreciating, we look at the tree but we don’t just look, we take in the details, we see the rays shine through the branches, we see the colour of luminous green against the blue sky, we watch as the branches sway. We look at the face of a loved one but we don’t just look, we see them, the soul inside, the consciousness behind the eyes, the complete one off creation you’ll never see in this moment ever again. We eat our meal but we don’t just eat it, we enjoy every bite, in each moment taking in the flavour, textures and energy of it.

Someone, somewhere in this moment is out of time. This is a reminder of the miracle gift we’ve been given, how many more moments will we spend on the sidelines, watching on as if we have all the time? How many more moments will we ever spend our most precious gift being angry, or ungrateful? How many more moments will we hold onto our past hurts or pain? There comes a time when we must realise there is only time for one thing…love.

Mantra: ‘there is only time for love’